We Are

MASQ is specialized in the design and supply of LIGHTING CONTROLS, BMS, FIRE ALARM, DOMOTICS AND HOME AUTOMATION. Our approach to architectural lighting is inspired from our experience in special effects and intelligent lighting used in events. MASQ was established in Beirut in 1998 and specialized in the design of special events with the objective of providing complete event management solutions for private and corporate businesses. We manage the total organization from creative concepts to design and stage management, in other words, simply deal with the technical element seeing it through personally from start to finish.

Electric vehicle sustainability:

MASQ was established in Qatar in 2005 and specializes in providing Sustainable Lighting & Control Solutions for various projects around the country, encompassing the three pillars of sustainability, the ENVIRONMENT, SOCIETY and ECONOMY.

BMS Maintenance System:

MASQ is also specialized in Building Management System (BMS), which refers to a computer-based control system installed within buildings to monitor and regulate the building’s electrical and mechanical equipment, such as power system, lighting, and ventilation to confirm sustainability.

Mission, Vision, Values


MASQ mission is to be a company with an international presence, that consistently integrate new technologies of complete lighting solutions that infuse environments with style, ambience, and intrigue.


MASQ vision is to offer harmony by creating light in every corner of the world.


MASQ values carry everything we do, backed up with ethics, excellence, integrity, and teamwork.



Ziad Abs


Jinane Abi Khalil

Design Squad Manager

Dileep Pallivalappil

Development Squad Manager

Saadallah El Khoury

Business Dev. Squad - Sales Executive

Silviya Nikolova

Finance Squad CFO

Gayathri P. Winner

Dev. Squad - Development Engineer

Joe Ighniades

Finance Squad Manager

Yathish Yogish

Design Squad - Senior Lighting Designer

Angeline Socion

Development Squad - Pre-Sales Engineer

Susan Kuruvilla

Dev. Squad - Development Engineer

Chadi Ghorayeb

Operations Squad - Senior Procurement

Mohsin Qureshi

Finance Squad - Senior Financial Accountant

Sourayya Shehab

Finance Squad - Senior Accountant

Ahmed Tayyab

Finance Squad - Senior Financial Accountant

Durbin Jugo

Development Squad - Technical Engineer

Noel Aguilar

Operations Squad Logistics

Hamza Mohamed Ansari

Business Development Squad - Sales Executive

Victor Jabbour

Finance Squad - Junior Accountant

Muhammad Rasique

Design Squad - Support Specialist

Nikhil Kumar

Business Squad – Lighting Account Manager

Yadhunath Puthiyaveettil

Development Squad – Development Engineer

Kensley Manese

Development Squad - Team Leader

Marlene Haluber

Operations Squad - Executive Assistant

Joanne Yammine

Design Squad - Lighting Designer